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Our Team

:: Dr. Gurmeet Bhullar DVM ::(Director)

Dr. Bhullar as his staff calls him has been practicing since 1986. He is a proud family man who came to Canada with his wife and two kids and is a very pleased to have Cyrus as his loyal companion, a toy poodle who takes him for many walks during the day.  

Dr. Bhullar  is a very peaceful, easy going person who will go the extra mile to help an animal or a human in need. Dr. Bhullar  is really horrified by the way humans process animals for food consumption, in his ideal world we would all be vegetarians.

:: Alexandra Mena :: ( Our Head Receptionist)
Our head receptionist, Alex has worked at Rexdale Animal Hospital for the past 3 years. She started out as a Co-op student and is on considering becoming a vet tech. Alex is fluent in English, Spanish and Sign language. If you want service with a smile, she has a very pretty one and is always happy to share it.


:: Tabitha Johnston :: RVT (Our Head Vet Tech)
Our head vet tech, Tabby is in charge of post surgical treatments and surgical monitoring. Tabby is an avid animal lover, very kind and soft spoken. She is the lucky guardian of �Midnight� a Tennessee walker (breed of horse). She travels hundreds of kilometers twice a week to spend time with him and to make sure he is okay. She has raised him since he was 7 hours old. Tabby has a great sense of humor and is a very easy going girl.


:: Izabela Honiek :: ( Our Groomer)
Izabela has been with us for the past year. She is a graduated from B-Pro, the only grooming school recognized by the government of Ontario. Izabela likes both cats and dogs but her pets are 3 cats �Puffy�, �Mila� and �Homie�. She is very sweet, gentle and takes time and pride in her work. From the shave down to the fancy poodle styles she can do it all. Our clients lover her work and keep coming back to see her.


:: Melodie Nguyen :: ( Receptionist )

Melodie is the youngest team member of Rexdale Animal Hospital. She is friendly, talkative and artistic. She loves, loves, loves to play with dogs and is also very good with computers. Melodie is working hard at school in hopes to get into Guelph University to become a doctor in veterinary medicine.



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