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Ancilliary Services & Products

Grooming- Our experienced groomer, is providing excellent grooming services from Monday through Friday. Our clients are extremely happy with her services.

Boarding- Our enthusiastic team of veterinary assistants under the supervision of veterinarians or veterinary technicians take care of your dogs and cats while they stay with us.

We have a new boarding facility with spacious runs and cages, separate from the routine hospitalized animals.

Retail products- For your convenience we carry a wide range of pet care products, like routine use and medicated shampoos, dental care products, dietary supplements, kitten and puppy milk replacers, biscuits and treats, collars , leashes and toys. We would be happy to order in any product that we do not have in stock. We offer only veterinary approved products.

Pet insurance- To cover the expected and unexpected cost of treatment of your pets we strongly recommend pet insurance. There are three companies which offer a wide range of plans. Please contact our staff for information.
House calls- Pick up and drop off services- We offer house call, pick up and drop off services for your pets for the convenience of our senior and disabled clients.

After care- We offer cremation and after care services for the deceased pets.

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