Blood Profiles- We offer annual blood profiles appropriate for the age of your pet. General wellness profiles for the pet up to 6 years of age. Senior wellness profiles for the pets older than 6 years. Pre-anesthetic profiles are done prior to surgery and annual fecal examinations are recommended for all pets.

Diagnostic blood testing- We offer in house blood testing for fast and reliable results, as well as sending the blood out to IDEXX lab for more advanced testing. Blood testing is a useful tool for checking your pet�s liver, kidney, thyroid, pancreatic functions as well as the electrolyte and mineral balance in the blood. We also do complete blood cell count (CBC) to know if your pet is anemic, dehydrated or if your pet has an infection or allergic reaction.

X-Rays- We are equipped with latest digital radiographic machine with which all X-rays are taken and the results are given to you in minutes while you wait. X-Rays is a useful tool in diagnosing broken bones, foreign bodies (like, �Fido ate a toe ring�), tumors, and lung cancer and bladder stones.

Telemedicine- We use an equipment to take the electrocardiogram of your pet and through the telephone lines the result is printed in the office of a heart specialist.
We get the result and the recommendations of a heart specialist by fax in minutes.

Ultrasound- Ultrasound technology is available for your pet. An ultra sound is a moving x-rays that allows us to see the function of heart valves and muscles, liver, kidneys and intestines. We are currently calling a in a traveling specialist veterinarian, which can be arranged at your convenience.

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