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Surgery- We assure you that any pet requiring surgery at Rexdale Animal Hospital receives the safest anesthetic and best monitoring throughout the surgery. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing prior to surgery and intravenous fluids throughout the surgery. We use a pulse-oxymeter to monitor pulse and oxygen and ECG (EKG) unit to ensure that your pet is handling the anesthetic well. We manage the pain during and after the surgery.

Dentistry- Research shows that pets live 15-20% longer if they receive dental care as needed throughout their life. More than 85% dogs and cats after 4 years of age suffer from the dental disease. Dental disease can lead to life threatening diseases of the other vital organs like heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. It can also cause the diseases of the joints by weakening the immune system of your pet.
We are equipped with Ultrasonic dental cleaning and polishing system same as used in human dentistry.

Hospitalization- Our dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians provide an excellent in hospital care for your pet. We have constant rate infusion pumps for intravenous fluids administration, spacious neat and clean cages and runs for the in hospital comfort of your pet. We have alternative arrangements for overnight monitoring of the sick patients. We have facilities for critical care and isolation. For all hospitalized patients treatment flow charts are regularly maintained and updated by our veterinarians or technicians.

Spaying/Neutering - In female dogs and cats spaying eliminates the chances of unwanted pregnancies and infection and cancer of the uterus and also reduces the chances of mammary cancer. In male pets neutering eliminates the chances of cancer of testicles and reduces the possibilities of prostate cancer, and also lessens the possibilities of fight injuries as a result of roaming behavior.
We recommend neutering and spaying at the age of 5-6 months.

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